What Our Clients Say About Our Services

At the Law Offices of Judith L. Wood, we work every day to protect immigrants' rights. Please read these client testimonials to learn about the benefits of our counsel

I had come to United States on a Student Visa after going through an arduous predicament in India. God used Judy as his Angel to help me.

She not only got my Green card for me but she stood by me like a massive pillar of moral and spiritual strength. I can trust her blindly because she has earned my faith!!!!!

Dr. KanwalGlory Sing

I met Judith Wood when I was detained in El Centro. She was able to obtain my release, and then she took over my wife's case. My wife, Dong, had been denied asylum. Ms. Wood wrote a motion to reopen and the Ninth Circuit granted asylum to my wife. Now my family is safe. My wife has asylum and I and our daughter will be granted asylum as well. We are grateful for the dedication and skill which Ms. Wood applied to our case. Our lives have been changed forever.

Song Cui

Mrs. Wood is my husband's lawyer. This Journey has been a long one. Mrs. Wood went above and beyond the call of duty to help my husband's case. She fought hard to ensure he was not deporte4d. She is very smart and talented. We are very pleased for what she has done for my husband and would recommend anybody to hire her. She's the Best and Trustworthy.

Love, Carolina Escobedo