Helping You Achieve Your Citizenship Goals

Naturalization offers positive remedy for individuals concerned about their legal status in the United States. Unfortunately, it is also an intricate and lengthy process. If you are an immigrant or permanent resident, however, you know that there are many benefits connected to obtaining U.S. citizenship.

In Los Angeles, our attorneys have the persistence and legal skill you need to resolve immigration and naturalization matters. For decades, permanent residents and immigrants alike have depended on the Law Offices of Judith L. Wood to provide them with extensive legal advice and compassion during a difficult time.

We have over 30 years of professional experience in this field, which we use to secure favorable outcomes for clients in California and throughout the United States.

Offering Skilled Counsel At All Stages Of The Naturalization Process

At our firm, we consider it our vocation to champion our clients' rights. We show our commitment to your case a variety of ways. Our attorneys are easy to reach and focused on client education. We will personally handle all aspects your case, including:

  • Ensuring that you meet the qualifications for naturalization
  • Helping you complete your naturalization papers
  • Identifying required documents to submit
  • Preparing you for your citizenship interview and test

Our lawyers have assisted clients with relatively straightforward citizenship issues and those with complex legal matters such as criminal convictions or arrests. At our full-service immigration firm, we have addressed these issues by obtaining post-conviction relief.

We use our vast understanding of the law to identity the most direct approach for securing your citizenship. We are able to determine whether you or your loved ones qualify for waivers, exceptions or accommodations which may speed the application process.

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