Assisting Diplomats Seeking Status Adjustment

Although it is common for diplomats to return to their home country at the end of their assignments, U.S. immigration laws do allow these officials to change their status and remain in the United States legally. When diplomats and their families fear that they will face prosecution if they return to their home country, they may receive a green card if they meet certain qualifications.

In Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Judith L. Wood provides a wide range of legal services for foreign nationals seeking a permanent residency through Section 13 adjustment. Our firm's primary focus is immigration law, which allows us to remain current on policy changes and practices.

Using The Law To Secure Your Best Interests

Whether you seek this relief for yourself or your family, we have the skills necessary to prepare and file your application. We will assist you throughout the process by:

  • Providing evidence that your previous immigration status, diplomatic duties and moral character meet Section 13 requirements
  • Submitting required immigration documents, birth certificates and medical records
  • Completing and validating forms I-485, I-566 and I-508

While your request is processing, our lawyers will assist you with work and travel authorization. Receiving a work permit will allow you to support your family as you begin your new life in the United States.

Few Section 13 applications are approved each year. Retaining our qualified lawyers can improve your chances of success.

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