The Attorneys at the Law Offices of Judith Wood have more than twenty years of experience handling complex immigration cases from many countries throughout the world.

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Attorney Martin Abraham

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I understand what it takes to obtain education, build your life, create a family, and then leave it all and start anew. Whether a person comes to the United States for the "American Dream" or to escape persecution, the immigration officials need to get the information and story in a way that they can easily understand.

The attorney must represent his client competently and zealously. To win a case, he must first understand something about the immigrant's culture and how it shapes the personality. Each person deserves to be understood in the context of his culture.

My practice of law has helped me understand about different countries and their people. A great part of my preparation of an immigration case is an in-depth analysis of my client's country of origin, history and current country conditions.

To win an asylum case for an immigrant who escaped persecution and then to reassure him that he does not have to go back to his country of origin, is the reason I decided to practice immigration law.

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